Gmail’s new method of email notification!

Are your Gmail mails very important to you? Then you probably don’t want to miss even one of them. But sometimes they get lost in the notifications screen of our android phone. Then there is no going back and they can be from your boss, who would then want you to leave work because you just cannot read the important emails.

To be free of such troubles, I recommend you to try out the Gmail Popup app for android. This app shows a popup, and, it does not matter whether you’re talking on the phone or playing a game, the popup will appear!

RT News Live for android: free download!

Who does not want to watch the news whenever they want. Its so convinient if you can get it on your phone. Live streaming news is the hottest thing these days, and you should get this app for watching the news channels RT directly on your phone!

RT News Live is an apk app that is supported on android phones! You can watch news on your phone as if you’re watching live TV on your Phone.

Know when it will be foggy day!

Full blown weather apps are like a ship, and who wants to be alone guiding a ship? Some of us just want to know if the next day is gonna be foggy or not. And as you have heard ‘there is already an app for that’, it applies for this too, there is already an app for that, and this app is called Fog Delay Schedule.

The fog delay schedule tell you on a weekly basis with notifications, when there is going to be a foggy day. Foggy days often result in disrupted communications, broken telephone lines, dead cellphone networks, bad moods, delay in flights and trains, etc. So don’t worry, this app will inform you way in advance of a foggy day.

Mexico Radio Free Android App!

Radio is what constitutes the everyday life of many people, but sometimes you don’t have access to a radio. And that could be when you are out of state or city for some business trip or a family function. When you just can’t miss that favorite mexican radio channel of yours’ the free Mexico Radio Android app comes to your rescue.

The mexico radio app has a list of all radio channels that are currently being transmitted in mexico. The radio is online and streaming and does not require you to use a headset. You can also play the free radio on your speakerfone!

FTP for java phones!

You are a web-master(a person who owns or manages a website) who is traveling in the train right now. Your website has just crashed, and you need to update a false statement to a true statement in your websites’ code. What do you do? Should you just get off the train and go to the nearest cafe? No, my friend, this is where Mobile FTP will come to your rescue. I know you are already familiar with FTP – its the way you upload files to your web hosting (FileZilla, ding dong?)

You connect to your webserver using FTP using this app for free download – it is called MobShareFTP and download the file you need to make the changes to. Then edit it using your phone’s inbuilt text editor. Just upload it back again using MobShareFTP and you’re done! No need to jump off the train!

Free jar apps download links

Many phones these days support jar apps. In fact this app format is so important, that even the technically advanced android phones support jar and jad files. The jar apps are really great – In such a small size, they offer a lot of functionality. You just don’t need to stuff up your SD Card with them. They usually take up the phone memory and become great companions to your everyday life. The other good thing about them is that there are a lot of jar apps, so there wont be a problem finding one to solve your purpose.

Where do you go about finding them? Well, if you phone has an app manager they sometimes have the option to install apps from the market. If you don’t want to go that way, the best way is to visit and choose your phone and then just select from the huge collection of free jar apps. Dertz is right now the biggest collection of free direct download links for java jar apps, so enjoy it while they keep it free!